It was a few months ago, I decided to book a flight to Bali for a yoga teacher training. No expectations. No deep thoughts what will come. At that time I couldn’t imagine how this experience will change my life so far.

I dreamed about doing a yoga teacher training since a long time, but it always was a ‚far-away-dream‘.
After I finished my diploma thesis as a nutritional coach and a year full of ups and downs, I was ready for something new. Something I wanted to do for myself and by myself. Something special.

So I started my journey to another continent on my own to do the yoga teacher training with Zuna Yoga at the Azadi Retreat in Ubud for three weeks.
I thought I will just book a trip to Bali, but it changed my perspective of life.

Yoga Content
Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a way of life and contains a lot of different aspects. Zuna Yoga focuses not only on asanas, but on breathing practices, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, adjustments, ayurveda, prana and the chakras. All in all it is a modern understanding of traditional yoga.
Standing up at 5:15 for meditation and yoga practice, eating nourishing plant-based food,  reading and reflecting books, exchanging with a lot of people, staying in contact with nature and myself helped me to go deeper into the experience and developed a way into the yogic lifestyle.

What I learned from yoga
– What you do on the mat is the same you do in your life. It depends on you, if you want to challenge yourself, face the fears, be brave or show signs of weakness. It depends on you, if you want to get the best from it or just drift along.
– Your mind sets the limitations of your practice and also of your life. If you can change your mind to think more positive and create visions, you can also change your whole life. Attitude is everything.
– Once you know the basics, you can go with your own flow and create something special. Yoga is an individual way of expression.
– Traditionally all yoga poses lead to set meditation on fire. So actually meditation is the key of yoga and also the key to live a fulfilled life.
– You can’t control circumstances, but you can control your mind and how to react on happenings. Therefore you decide how your life will look like.
– Full yogi breath leads to deep meditation leads to intuition leads to make the best decisions leads to live the life you want to.
– Balance is everything.
– Let your expectations, worries, fears, past go and accept everything. Every moment is what it is and an opportunity to grow.

Not only the yoga education, also the culture of bali was part of a fulfilling experience. Untouched nature, devotion and kindness of people, nourishing real food, religion, love and help from everyone, the autarkic, minimalistic lifestyle,.. let my heart beat higher than ever.

I am thankful for everything. NAMASTÉ.








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