Sitting on the balcony, listening to the birds and enjoying the summer hours in the countryside, writing this blogpost. After yoga and an early morning swim I picked up some cherries from the tree and realized how simple it is to feel pure joy.

When was the last time you felt pure bliss?

When I think about bliss I remember a few moments like this.
– walking alone on a sunday morning through the beautiful streets of vienna to the bakery to buy some fresh croissants and coffee. Nobody else on the streets, everyone is still in bed, the day just starts – slow and easy.
– the moment after I dive into freezing water for a swim
– powerful yoga flow and green smoothie afterwards
– care for plants, gardening and first harvest of fresh fruits, vegetables or flowers
– to have a lie-in, long breakfast in bed, loads of coffee and a good newspaper on weekends
– pure feeling after meditation
– cooking a big meal, eating and drinking with friends
– walking barefoot
– tidy home and freshly cleaned sheets
– arrival at the peak of a mountain
– first ice-cream of the year
– the brief moment before the first kiss
– watching the sunrise
– a day at the beach, sun kissed, reading, salty hair, jumping into the sea, watching incredible nature, eating fresh peaches and forgetting about tomorrow or yesterday
– baking cookies and dancing in the kitchen

Furthermore I decided to roll some good and classic bliss balls. Perfect for snacking and taking it with you when you decide to go on an adventure or just lie at the sea.

You’ll need:
3 tbsp coconut oil
2 cups coconut shreds
3 cups cashews
1/2 freshly squeezed orange
orange and lemon zest
cinnamon, vanilla and salt
raisins for sweetness
cacao nibs for special bliss
1/2 tbsp maca and 1/2 tbsp curcuma for healthy benefits

Chop the cashews in a mixer and put everything else together. Mix it!
Roll the mixture into small balls and furl them with coconut shreds. Put the bliss balls into the fridge and enjoy whenever you want 🙂






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